Courts à Encadrer – 2nd Edition

Our second edition of Courts à Encadrer has been temporarily postponed. This is simply due to the advancement of a number of projects. We have already planted many seeds for the second edition and would like to thank all of our fellow collaborators and supporters. Please keep a look out for our poster in the coming months and click back on this page for future updates.

Direction des Courts à Encadrer.

First edition 2009

There are many short film festivals and events that pay particular attention to long established film schools who are able to furnish their students with industry materials and professionals. However, while these committed and aspiring new film makers well deserve such exposure there remains a gaping hole between the amateur films on You-Tube and the professional short film circuit. Courts à Encadrer hopes to spotlight this hole for just a couple of hours so that we may at least acknowledge the gap rather than bypassing it altogether.

Courts à Encadrer, at least this year, has not been advertised to the public nor has it given a call for entries on festival event databases and yet as testament to the aforementioned hole, it has acquired over 80 films, most from the region and many from serious new talents who are making short films with whatever materials can be made available to them. The 12 films selected below are largely being shown to an audience for the first time and have been made by self-taught screen-writers, directors and editors with little or no finance. We feel the diversion is worthwhile and hope you enjoy the selection…

Phillip Rashleigh et Aude Ouerdazi, Direction des Courts à Encadrer


On Friday the 24th April 2009 Cours à Encadrer hosted a screening of 12 short films in Montpellier’s Gallery Brousse, bringing together many of the regions relatively unknown film makers with industry professionals and members of the general public. As a result, several directors have already received interest from a number of professional institutions while others have begun collaborating on subsequent projects. For us this signifies a great success as it was the evening’s chief reason for being.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank again all of those who showed interest and support in our evening and especially the directors who sent us their films. We were extremely proud to screen them and genuinely felt they were all received with enthusiasm, to such an extent in fact, that people were still talking about them after 1am when the Gallery’s keys could be heard echoing around its spacious rooms; it seemed nobody was ready to go home. We hadn’t run out of wine but alas, we had run out of time.

In addition, Courts à Encadrer has itself been propositioned to reform as a ‘Festival Off’ for Rencontres du Courts 2nd edition. This however, we have declined as it would prove to be a complete compromise of our evening’s integrity.

Finally, we have since organized several follow-up gatherings to continue Courts à Encadrer beyond the one evening, as many of you told us how great it was to really get together and talk about all things audio-visual. If you are interested in tagging along, drop us an email and we’ll keep you posted.

Phillip Rashleigh et Aude Ouerdazi, Direction des Courts à Encadrer.