Phillip Rashleigh

director, camera op, filmmaker

Passionate about people and telling their stories, Phillip is a sensitive and confident director, camera operator and independent filmmaker. He has a strong background in primetime observational documentaries for television, and is comfortable working on fast turnaround productions and on difficult access-driven projects. Phillip has directed children and adolescents with serious health issues, ex-millionaires and the homeless, as well as talent and presenters, he has also accumulated several years hands-on experience shooting abroad (speaks fluent French) on a variety of corporate and broadcast productions.

Recent productions include shooting and directing across Boomerang's 2nd series of 'Posh Pawn' for Channel 4, 'Help My Kid Get Better' for Blast! Films and 'Benefits Britain 1949' for Twenty Twenty. Other projects also include The Guy Delisle CHRONICLES, an Ob-Doc for the promotion of Guy Delisle's controversial new graphic novel 'Jerusalem Chronicles'.

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