News & TV

Tonight - 2015

1 x 30mins British current affairs programme for ITV.
Investigative series produced by ITV Studios and ITN for the ITV network.

Benefits... - series 3 - 2015

30 x 60mins documentary series for Channel 5.
Depending on the dole. Eye-opening series following the lives of people living on benefits.

10000BC - Two Tribes - 2015

10 x 60mins observational series for Channel 5.

24 modern day Brits attempt to survive 2 months in the Bulgarian wilderness returning to the
basic living conditions of their Mesolithic ancestors.

The Factory - 2015

5 x 50mins series for BBC2 Current Affairs.

The Factory is an innovative social experiment exploring the challenging world of the low paid economy.
This series presents a timely exploration of the business and economic rationales behind generating a
low paid workforce, many on zero hours contracts, and reveals what it is like for those who work within it.

Baby Faced Brides - 2015

8x50mins Factual Obs doc Series for Channel 5,
taking a closer look at young, wedlocked couples to be.

Meet The Maniacs - 2015

Sensitive access. One off 60mins prime time documentary for Channel 4,
examining individuals who are afflicted by long term, life changing addictions.

Animal Black Ops - 2015

Shooting and directing 2 x 50mins episodes for a new 10-part, Discovery series.
Produced by World Media Rights for Discovery Channel USA and ITV Studios.

Observational documentary on location in Bangkok and Thailand's National Parks, following the efforts
of special branch investigators and elite armed forces to expose and prevent wildlife trafficking.

Posh Pawn - series 2 - trailer

Posh Pawn - series 2 - 2014

Fast turnaround, shooting and directing with the Canon C300 on location around the UK.
9 x 60mins Primetime observational documentary series, produced by Boomerang/Boom Pictures for Channel 4 - 2014.

Prestige Pawnbrokers are wholly unique when it comes to pawning luxurious and exclusive items in cash-strapped Britain.
This documentary series goes behind the scenes with trade at Prestige and discovers that, when it comes to upmarket pawn,
everyone has a story to tell.

Headed up by slick former property developer James Constantinou, and with a quirky team of asset experts including
salt-of-the-earth jewellery expert Lawrence and feisty PA Jo, Prestige is the go-to place for people who want fast cash in well-heeled Surrey, pawning everything from million-pound helicopters to Lambourghinis and £25,000 Hermes handbags.

TX Ep.1, 9th September - Ep.9, 17th December 2014, 8pm on Channel 4

Junk Food Kids - Who's To Blame? - 2014

Shooting and directing on location with the Canon XF305.
3x60mins Factual Obs Doc Series - sensitive access - produced by Blast! Films for Channel 4 - 2014

Extremely sensitive subject matter.
Working very closely with affected young contributors who are making long-term lifestyle choices.

Benefits Britain 1949

Shooting and directing on location with the Sony PMW 200.
3 x 60' - (Welfare/Housing/Unemployment) Primetime, Format Reality Series - Social History
Produced by Twenty Twenty for Channel 4 - 2013.

Present day benefits claimants in Nottingham experience the rigours of the original 1949 welfare state,
and must face the old legislation with new consequences on their modern day lives.

TX 12th, 19th & 26th August 2013, 9pm on Channel 4

Clare Balding's One Horse Race - 2013

Shooting and directing on location with the Sony PMW 200.
1 x 60mins documentary produced by Comic Relief for BT Sport. Part of the Supporters Club documentaries series.

Clare Balding takes on a daunting challenge to find a competition horse for a group of young disabled riders, for free.
Michael Owen and Equestrian champion Lee Pearson, lend a helping hand as Clare travels en-route through Cheshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Newbury and Windsor.

TX 4th August 2013, 7pm on BT Sport 1

something good.

Short fiction film - 2013

The dream of two friends comes to an abrupt end.

Documentary Film Month 2013/ Mois du Film Documentaire 2013

'The guy delisle CHRONICLES' has been included in a selection of documentaries to represent
the Regional Film Commission of Cinema Languedoc-Roussillon for the 14th annual Documentary Film Month.

Centre Screen 2013

Series of prestigious projects with Centre Screen for The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland
and Jersey Heritage.

Projects include 'Inside The Race' - an immersive, 180 deg panoramic film allowing the viewer to
experience the raw emotion of being an Olympian at the starting line, and the exhilaration of being
pushed to the limit.

Also research and casting for the Jersey set period drama 'No9 Pier Road'.

GT Academy 2013 - Mondays at 8pm on ITV4!

GT Academy - Series 4. Commissioned by Nissan & Sony PlayStation.
Produced by Boom Pictures for ITV (UK), RTL (France) and L'Equipe (France).

'GT Academy' is an around-the-clock, reality format show. The competition that turns the virtual into reality.
Europe's top gamers arrive at Silverstone for a week of gruelling on-and off-track challenges.
Only one can make it as a pro driver.


'the guy delisle CHRONICLES' has been selected for the
- 34th Festival international du cinéma méditerranéen -
26th Oct. - 3rd Nov.

GT Academy - 2012 for 2013

Shooting and directing with the Canon XF305 for the fourth ITV series.

'GT Academy' is an around-the-clock, reality format show. The competition that turns the virtual into reality.
Europe's top gamers arrive at Silverstone for a week of gruelling on-and off-track challenges.
Only one can make it as a pro driver.

the guy delisle CHRONICLES -
Premiere screening at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) 2012!

The first ever North American screening of
'the guy delisle CHRONICLES' will kick-off a special celebration of Delisle's work and the official launch of
'Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City'.

The event will take place at the acclaimed Carlton Cinema, Toronto, Canada on Thursday 3rd May at 7pm.

Spectrecom London

HD November-December 2011
16 films shot and edited in 15 days for Spectrecom in London (Waterloo Studios).
A veritable whistle-stop tour of Strasbourg, Geneva, Grenoble, Perpignan, Marseille, Nice and Menton.

Channel 4 in London

October-November 2011
Series of practical workshops at the London HQ.
Created to open doors for new film and television talent.

the guy delisle CHRONICLES - Trailer

4' HD November 2011

the guy delisle CHRONICLES

35' HD October 2011

Film following the realization of Guy's latest autobiographical travelogue 'Jerusalem Chronicles' (Chroniques de Jérusalem), including an in-depth look at Shenzhen, Pyongyang, Burma Chronicles and the rise of the independent graphic novel.

the guy delisle CHRONICLES

HD August 2011
'Jerusalem Chronicles' (Chroniques de Jérusalem) -10 pages to go and it's a wrap!

the guy delisle CHRONICLES has wrapped and is now in post-production.

Département Herault Conseil Général - Les 10 ans du CDJ de l'Herault

Department of Youth, General City and District Council.
We are 10! - Reportage

12' HD April/May 2011

Celebratory Documentary/Reportage covering a 10 year effort to inspire, guide and organize today's youth.
A very interactive project, encouraging children and adolescents to share their opinions and comments in front of the camera. 500 DVDs produced.

Chroniques de Guy Delisle

HD November 2010-2011

Film suivant la réalisation du dernier album de l’auteur de bande dessinée québécois qui sera publié en 2011.
Tournage en cours…

Film following the realization of the Canadian author’s new graphic novel, due for publication in 2011.
Currently in production.

D’Clic Théâtre Action
Si je vous dis: jeunes???

To be young today??? - Vox Pops

18'HD October 2010
Partenaire video depuis septembre 2010.
Centre ville Montpellier - Micro trottoir sur le thème de la jeunesse.

On street reporting 'vox pops' from the heart of Montpellier - 'What difficulties do young people face in the workplace today?'

Journée Mondiale du Refus de la Misère 2010
Organisé par le Collectif 17

World day against poverty and social inequality
Reportage - Collective 17

5’HD October 2010
Cette année, la journée sera construite pour, avec et par les jeunes sur le
thème : « Regarde-moi comme une chance !»

Collective, pro-active organization based in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France,
supporting the 'Journée Mondiale du Refus de la Misère' (world day against poverty and social inequality).

Réalisateurs Régionaux : 2
Subarna Thapa on ‘Funérailles’

13’ & 26’ HD April 2010

Continuing our series on regional filmmakers, festival winner Subarna Thapa spoke to innerlight films about ‘Funérailles’, its politics, the festival circuit and his feature film project ‘Snow Flowers’.

AMG WURO at the JAM Montpellier

HD April 2010

Afro-Beat, Jazz fusion AMG WURO asked innerlight films to capture their massive evening at Montpellier’s JAM venue.

AMG WURO-Featurette

9’ HD April 2010

A closer look at the ensemble spirit behind the music and the flute peule workshop.
amg wuro

Studio Seven Films

StudioSeven Films is a new fusion, a creative gathering of styles, skills and interests to produce high quality, audio-visual communication.

StudioSeven Films offers a variety of professional, audio-visual services including : institutional and corporate videos, marketing and promotional videos, reportages and events and spectacles. We also specialise in individual and independent projects.

Réalisateurs Régionaux : 1 - ‘Talking Grass’
Olivier Porte on ‘Herbe’

13’ & 26’ HD March 2010

Olivier Porte, co-director of the feature length documentary ‘Herbe’, took time out to talk about getting the project made and put on cinema screens without the cash and credentials…

3ème Semaine de Cinéma Suisse
Swiss Cinema Week

30’ HD February 2010

Aurélien Recoing was in town recently to present a screening of ‘Tout un hiver sans feu’ for the 3rd edition of Swiss Cinema Week. Recoing received carte blanche for his portrayal of Vincent, a white-collar worker, cut off and cut loose to wander the endless « non-places of super-modernity » in Laurent Cantet’s masterpiece ‘L’Emploi du Temps’ (Time Out). The film was an instant classic, utterly poignant and mindful of its time.

Semaine de Cinéma Suisse

Montpellier, StudioSud*

Les limites de la ville de Montpellier explosent devant nos yeux. Ces récents mois ont vu la construction d’une nouvelle Mairie, d’un nouveau centre commercial, de nouveaux quartiers, d’écoles, de résidences, de centres culturels et de sports, mais la ville a aussi attiré un nombre grandissant de réalisateurs et de productions. Parallèlement émergent plusieurs nouveaux festivals et événements consacré au film. Cela pourrait-il faire germer la création de studio dans cette ville?

Montpellier’s city limits are exploding before our very eyes. Recent months have seen the construction of a new town hall, new districts, schools and residences, sports and cultural centres but the city has also attracted a growing number of film makers and film productions along with the emergence of several new film festivals and events just in 2009 alone. Are these the seeds of a veritable « Studio of the South » in Montpellier?

Nicole Garcia :
‘mes premières années’

1h39 DV 2008

Nicole Garcia recently gave a career interview in Montpellier’s Centre Rabelais, talking extensively of her experiences as both an actress and as a director. She began with her emergeance into french cinéma as an actress in some of the lesser known films of the 1970’s and went on to talk about her first short film 15 Août at the age of 40. The latter part of the discussion was given to her subsequent successes Un week-end sur deux, Place Vendôme and Selon Charlie. Garcia finished the interview with some telling remarks concerning her next film Un balcon sur la mer, due out in 2010.


city portrait
1’ HD August 2009

Projet collaboratif avec DOCMORZY et la Ville de Montpellier pour Holland24 et la One Minutes Foundation.

Collaborative project with DOCMORZY and the city of Montpellier for the Dutch digital documentary channel – Holland24 and the One Minutes Foundation. The hour is 07:00am.
The Cafés on the Place de la Comédie, Montpellier, must be ready for business as usual...

'Doinel va au sud'-Trailer for the Montpellier Short Film Festival

bande-annonce 3’ HD 2008

Un hommage à l’inoubliable premier long-métrage de François Truffaut pour un festival mettant en ligne de mire des nouveaux talents dans le monde du cinéma.

A homage to the unforgettable first feature film of François Truffaut to promote an event that will showcase new film making talent.

Festival du Film Court de Montpellier - Cérémonie d’ouverture

22’ DV 2008

Présentation du Jury: Henry Chapier : critique, Sonia Rolland : comédienne, MarcAugé : écrivain, Eric Guichard : chef opérateur ,Lubna Azabal :comédienne, Jean-Christophe Bouvet : comédien.

Atelier de direction de comediennes

9’ DV 2008

Atelier proposé et animé par le metteur en scène Gerhard Bauer.

Nuit du Cinéma

5’ DV 2008

Une sélection de films de Quentin Tarantino le 13 juin de 22h à l’aube, au cinéma diagonal Capitole – Montpellier.

Leçon de Cinéma
Bertrand Tavernier

2h36 DV 2008

Bertrand Tavernier évoque sa rencontre avec le cinéma, ses sources d’inspiration, sa façon d’aborder les différentes étapes de création, son regard sur le cinéma, son contact avec les acteurs, le contexte socio-économique dans lequel il travaille.

Les scènes choisies

1h7 DV 2008

Lectures de scénarios au Coeur de Montpellier.